American College of Emergency Physicians

American College of Emergency Physicians

September 2, 2005
A Message from ACEP President Dr. Robert E. Suter

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina has affected millions of people. It is also having a profound impact on the emergency medicine community. We are all deeply concerned about what is happening in New Orleans and other regions of the gulf coast and our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues, their families and the others affected by this devastating disaster.

We have been in contact with, and offered assistance to, the ACEP chapters affected by Katrina. We have also been in contact with FEMA, the AMA and other relief agencies. Our efforts are focused on facilitating communication between the agencies providing relief and the emergency medicine community. We are also accessing the impact of Katrina on the emergency medicine infrastructure in the affected areas and working on solutions for displaced teaching staff and residents.

One way we hope to help is to make our members aware of opportunities to become involved in relief efforts. As we have in the past, we urge you not to self-deploy. It is just too dangerous. Instead, if you want to become involved, call one of the agencies listed below. They will help you with logistical support and put you where your skills are needed most.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the members of ACEP for their support in this very difficult time for our country. As usual, your dedication and willingness to help are unparalleled. I am honored to be an emergency physician.

How to Volunteer
Information for emergency physicians who want to volunteer for relief efforts.

How to Deal with the Aftermath of a Hurricane
The Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer five resources to help you deal with the aftermath of a hurricane. If you live in the affected areas, these may be of benefit to you.

Share Your Story
Tell us how your emergency department has been affected by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Disaster Preparedness Resources
Disaster preparedness is important all the time. To stay abreast and be prepared to assist in emergency situations such as flood, tornado, hurricane or other disasters, use this information from the ACEP Disaster Medicine Section.

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