Slechts 10% van patiënten met TIA zoekt spoedeisende hulp

Een opvallend stukje uit Healthday.

HealthDay reports that while transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), or “mini strokes,” can be deadly, many of those who have symptoms of a TIA do not seek “the proper emergency care,” according to a study published in the journal Stroke. For the study, researchers “surveyed 241 people who had experienced” a TIA. Only “44.4 percent sought medical care within a few hours of experiencing TIA symptoms, and only 10 percent sought any emergency medical care for their symptoms.” HealthDay continues, “Another 44 percent waited longer than a day after their symptoms to seek care.” Those who “had symptoms that lasted more than one hour — and those with motor symptoms, such as difficulty walking — were more likely to seek care.” The researchers also found that those suffering TIA symptoms “were more likely to delay seeking treatment” if their “symptoms occurred on a weekend.”

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