Troponine T voorspelt toekomstig hartprobleem



Troponine T bij patienten met stabiele hartklachten (stabiele AP) kan een voorspellende waarde hebben voor toekomstige events, volgens een spreker op een cardiologiesch congres in Chicago. Hier onder het bericht van Elsevier…

CHICAGO (EGMN) – Any detectable plasma cardiac troponin T level in ambulatory patients with stable coronary artery disease is an independent predictor of future cardiovascular events, according to the Heart and Soul Study.

“Our data suggest that [troponin T] testing may have potential as a risk-stratifying tool in the management of stable CAD,” said Dr. Bill Pei-Chin Hsieh reported at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology. “It gives added predictive value beyond the traditional risk factors for predicting all the adverse outcomes you could think of. A positive troponin T [TnT] could be a reason to pursue a more aggressive management strategy.”

An elevated cardiac TnT – defined as any measurable level using the commercially available third-generation Roche immunoassay – is not uncommon in the setting of stable CAD. Levels of 0.01–0.72 mcg/mL were identified in 6.2% of 988 patients enrolled in the Heart and Soul Study, a National Institutes of Health–sponsored study whose primary aim was to investigate the role of psychosocial factors in CAD. Participants had to have a history of MI or coronary revascularization, angiographic evidence of greater than 50% stenosis in at least one coronary artery, or demonstration of exercise-induced ischemia on treadmill or nuclear testing.



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