Vliegend onbemand MedEvac voertuig Israël

Israel is bezig met de ontwikkeling van een vliegend medisch evacuatie voertuig. Tot zover niet veel nieuws zou je denken want de helicopter hadden we toch al… maar het gaat hier om onbemande voertuigen.  Van de project pagina komt de volgende tekst:

MedUAV is a Hybrid medical re-supply & casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unpiloted aerial vehicle (UAV) for civilian or military urban or sea scenarios and as a recovery capability for incapacitated, wounded or killed personnel suspected of having been exposed to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive (CBRNE) hazards. MedUAV is equipped with an electrical motor capable of providing hover lift at zero airspeed, cruise to speeds of up to 150 knots and a cruise ceiling of about 10,000 feet with a useful payload for 4 patient with full gear for endurance of 3 hours. The unmanned platform will also carry a passive and active self-protection system…

The MedUAV, technology will enable to resupply medical logistic to combat medics and facilitate them to provide the best treatment, stabilization and subsequent evacuation of combat casualties from hostile situations onboard the MedUAV autonomously. The research formulated a concept of design, to enable later in order to demonstrate the feasibility of producing enabling technologies for the MedUAV. These include a proficient system for navigating through urban or wooded terrain to a site of combat injury, to select a safe and suitable site for autonomous landing and take-off with communication capability with the human medical team, and minimal operating and guidance from combat troops. This will enhance the potential for appropriate first responder care and evacuation, performed by combat medics, during the so called “Golden Hour” of combat casualty care, utilizing the benefits and new abilities onboard the MedUAV.

The MedUAV research and development lead to primary two streams of technologies approaches for the flying vehicle design: The first one is a Medical Rotary UAV option – to convert a current operational military MedEvac Helicopter, tested and registered it for dual use. It will maintain the ability for fly by wire with flight crew on board and on the same vehicle an option to fly safely autonomously as a VTOL UAV leaded by the IAI (www.iai.co.il). The second technology option is to design an innovated aerial vehicle concept for a Med VTOL UAV. The proposed design is a turbine powered VTOL vehicle, based on two ducted lift fans, contained inside the vehicle’s fuselage leaded by Urban Aeronautics (www.urbanaero.com).


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