Lifehacking: Cloaking device voor je pacemaker

er is weer nieuws over het hacken van pacemakers…. onderzoekers van de universiteit van washinton te Seattle hebben bedacht dat je een ‘cloaking device’ moet ontwikkelen om je WiFi pacemaker te beschermen.

Abstract uit het artikel:
A fundamental tension exists between safety in the common case and security under adversarial conditions for wireless implantable medical devices. We propose a class of new, fail-open defensive techniques for implantable medical devices that attempt to strike a balance between these two goals. We refer to these defensive techniques as Communication Cloakers. Cloakers are externally worn devices, much like computational Medical Alert bracelets. Cloakers protect the security of an IMD when worn, but allow for open access during emergencies if removed.

Origineel artikel: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: New Directions for Implantable Medical Device Security (PDF)

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