Wie rijdt wat?

Kijk eens goed rond op de parkeerplaats van je lokale ziekenhuis. Als je er werk is het helemaal makkelijk dan ben je er bijna dagelijks… is het je ook opgevallen dat bepaalde specialisten types bepaalde automerken rijden? De mensen achter het ER-blog (http://erstories.net/) wel…

Interesting, since at least at my hospital, certain specialties tend to gravitate towards certain rides. Of course, some of it has to do with income and how long they have been practising but I see a pattern.

Cardiologists and Orthopaedists tend to have more sports cars than the other specialties. Many Porsche 911’s there. The othro guys tend to have the turbos with the red or yellow brake calipers.

Gastroenterologists (well, not the youngest ones) have luxury cars – Mercedes, Big-assed Lexuses, and Bently. Although two have Porsches as well.

Surgeons are a very mixed bag. Several have sports cars but most seem to drive more unassuming cars – mid range Japanese cars and lower end German cars.

Sub-specialty surgeons like ENT drive M5 BMW’s and AMG Mercedes.

Internists drive boring cars. Honda Accords, Toyota Camries, Joe-schmoe SUVs and crossovers.

ER docs are all over the place. Some rough and tumble off road SUV’s, some sport sedans, some sports cars. Or they ride a bike.

Female doctors drive different cars based on their reproductive status. They either drive sporty sedans (if they are younger and have no kids) or they have minivans and SUV’s once they have popped a few out. Doesn’t matter what their speciality is.

Pediatricians all drive minivans and crossovers.

But the nicest car is driven by a Haematologist. A Ferrari Modena. Well, he is Italian so I will give him that.

Is het ook zo in Nederland? Mijn ervaring is JA ook hier is het zo dat je aan de auto vaak kan zien wat het specialisme is van de dokter.

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