2 thoughts on “Katja Leendertz

  1. mail dit alle door naar al je vrienden
    en vraag of ze dat ook verder willen mailen
    zet dit op vele site’s
    zet het net er mee vol
    zodat ze snel thuis is
    vraag evt je kinderen te helpen

    per tele foon gaat ook vraag iedereen elkaar te sms
    zet het kenteken erop en stuur het door

    grijze opel kenteken 57-xf-?

    word gezocht voor ontvoering van ene kind

    help mee zoeken

    dit kan iedereen sturen naar al hun vrienden

    groetjes joreiki

  2. Actually, information you have not quite correct. Katya is US citizen. She was born in USA. Her mother is Ukrainian citizen. She was in Holland only because her ex. Now she do not have right even stay in this country. She never have been abused. She use this very convenient “sad stories” to take advantages from her ex and from Holland. She needs to go back to Ukraine. She has debts in USA with credit card for more than $8,000.00, and she never paid it back. She is not “poor” victim. She is a very agressive woman who lives in hate. Marina hated her father, she was raised in the hate to him. Now Katya is very happy! Finally she has a very good and loving family. There are many people who wants to take advantage from our contries.We shouldn’t be so naive and trust them complitely.

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